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  Week End: 20/11/2022  

Name Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Tot
Cindy Rella00000000
James Joyce00000000
Jungle Jim909090909090900
Peter Pan00000000
Thomas Thumb00000000

Click the WORD "Worksheets" above or the
ARROWS top right to view Timesheets.
Click any NAME to VIEW / EDIT Hours

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Click any option on the left (This works in DEMO mode), or click any Employee's name above to view/edit their Timesheet for the current week selected. (This option is disabled in DEMO mode)
While your employees are getting used to using their ID cards to clock in, you could turn Auto Clock ON to automatically clock them in and out every day.
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Paid Holiday      Add Employee
Sick      Edit Employees
Unpaid Holiday      Settings
Not Clocked OUT      Employee LOGIN
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