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To begin using the software you will need to add at least one employee.

Click "Add Employee" -
Click "ADD a NEW Employee / Administrator" -
Fill out the MINIMUM 3 items ("MUST have information") -
Click the "ADD New Employee" Blue Button.
Now you are ready to go.

To edit your Company Information.

Click "Company Settings" -

There are many ways to clock in / out.

Username & Password - Employee PIN
Your employees may log in and clock in/out manually on any designated device on your premises using their PIN.
Employees may also log in on their own devices using their Username & Password (Phone, Tablet, PC, Notebook) - but they cannot clock in or out.
LOGIN and select Employee Login - this contains an encrypted token that prevents your employees from logging in on any other device.

Auto Clock -
Click "Edit Employee" -
Click "Auto Clock Settings" for your employee - one at a time.
Choose the hours for each day.
Click the Blue "Auto Clock 'Employee' " button.
Now you can "Auto Clock" your employee/s by clicking the "Auto Clock This Week" button.
You can log in anytime and edit specific hours / days.
(by clicking the employees name.)

NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags -
These function like a wireless credit card.
Your employee simply swipes the back of a phone or an NFC reader attached to a PC.
No sofware is required.
We can even supply NFC Rings !
If you would like ID cards for each employee please click "ID Cards".
You will also get more information about ID cards there.

QR Codes -
Click "Get QR Codes".
Select employee
These QR codes may be placed at the entrance to the workplace and may be scanned by your employees (After they have logged in on their phone)
(You may also leave the QR Code menu open on a PC / Tablet and allow Employees to scan using their phone)
NB: Third party QR Scanners will not work - Employees must LOGIN and use's unique QR Scanner - see below ...

QR Scanner - (At the moment Apple does not permit Web access - we are developing an App to counteract this)
Click "QR Scanner".
If you open this on a PC, Tablet or Phone your employees can clock in by holding the QR Code on their ID Card to the screen.
Employees may also LOGIN and use the QR Scanner to scan QR Codes displayed by the employer (As above)
NB: Third party QR Scanners will not work -'s unique QR Scanner MUST be used.

To edit your Employee's HOURS.

You will be looking at the timesheets for the current week.
Click the employees NAME on the left.
To choose a different week:
Either use the ARROWS top right to rock back and forth through the weeks, or click the word "WORKSHEETS" (Yellow, top left) to choose a specific week.

Not available yet.

Not available yet.

If you have any suggestions, or need more information please click Contact

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