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      As Simple as it gets.

" not only automates timesheet generation, it is so easy to use it can be run on any internet enabled device
- Anyway, Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone".


Employers have a statutory obligation to keep daily timesheets for all employees. The WRC is rigorously enforcing this by visiting and requesting access to records. The penalty for non-compliance is €1,900.00. Most small employers use "pen & paper" to record their employees daily hours. 
Click here for regulations relating to contractors / sub-contractors for the ESB and other government institutions (
failure to produce timesheets on-demand could result in a breach of contract and blacklisting for future contracts.).
Employers have the following obligations (non-compliance risks a fine for each offence):
  1. Keep records for each and every employee.
  2. Keep hourly / daily / weekly timesheets.
  3. Generate payslips for each employee.
  4. Keep proper records of holiday entitlements.
  5. Pay holiday pay to both full-time and part-time employees (8%)
  6. Display and observe the regulations regarding young employees.

    Failure to comply not only risks a monetary penalty - your details will be forwarded to Revenue - who will initiate a Tax Audit.


Employees swipe their ID Card or ID Ring - and that's all there is  to it .... has a solution for every circumstance - tailored to work on any internet enabled device - Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop - using any or all of a multitude of input media: NFC Tags, QR Codes, Biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition). You can even use Auto Clock if your only concern is the automation of timesheets and/or your employee's hours are known in advance.
NFC Ring Both the employer & the employee have instant access to records via the web.'s cloud based solution eliminates the error-prone tedium of "pen & paper". And the cost to the employer is minimal - utilises hardware the client already has, and charges only for the automation of a manual process.